2013 H.U.R.T. 100

2013 H.U.R.T. 100

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Expectations once again

I wouldn't say that i set "new years resolutions" but i do have some things i wold like to do better at.  last year i wrote this same post with what i expect to accomplish in 2012. well much of it is the same but i would like to go into a bit more detail, and also review 2012.

I had three main goals for 2012...

1. be healthier. by that i mean eat healthier 7 days a week and not binge on crap food all the time. definately failed that one. i stayed somewhat close to a good weight but i didn't eat good at all.

2. nail cactus rose with a new course record/win. well i hit my goal time but i still got third. im considering it a success because it was out of my control what the other two did. i feel like i still have a lot of room to improve out there but it is no longer my main running focus. if i can get a tad leaner, no knee problems during the race, and no gas bloating. (i was dubbled over sometimes between miles 65-80) then i should still be able to take some time off.

3. third goal of 2012 was to get in a house. i made a lot of headway so im satisfied it won't be too much longer.

so what are my goals for 2013????????

i have one main goal and the rest is individual race goals. it is to still be healther.  have something bad when i want it, but quit afterwards. i am horrible about throwing the whole day down the drain if i have one bad thing. my main reason is i would like to get leaner and see what my potential is. im tired of feeling heavy and like im handicapping myself at every race.  i would like to have a healthier diet 7 days a week not just 5 or 6 days. and also after a race not go into a 2 week long feast.  i love fruit and veggies so its not hard for me to eat healthy, and im very educated in nutrition so i have no excuse.

individual race goals-
1/19/13 - H.U.R.T. 100 - stacked field so i have more of a time goal then place goal. i would def like sub 26 but sub 25 idealy. (as long as its not super sloppy)

3/23/13 - Prairie Spirit 50 miler - sub 7 plain and simple

4/6/13 - Hells Hills 50k - 4:15 and run it hard and smart

4/27/13 - Zane Grey 50m - big focus race. would love to nail it and be in contention. would love a sub 9 and it will be tough. i will have to have a solid race and not get lost at all.

7/20/13 - TRT 100 - other focus race. be in top shape and lean and nail it. some fast dudes but no reason i can't at least nip at their heels and if all the stars align go for the win. will take a sub 20 to win but at least run a sub 22.

september - capt karls reville ranch?? rough creek 40 miler?? goal is to win both and better my records. sub 5:35 for revielle ranch and sub 6 for rough creek.

10/26/13 - Cactus Rose 100 - not sure if i feel like going for a certain time or just getting out there and having fun. i don't care about having pacer/crew. regardless i would like to be in the mid 18's.

so those are my goals as far as health/running. i have plenty of other goals as far as life/work/etc. i just want to enjoy life, not take anything too serious, but stay focused on everything. Tahoe Rim Trail 100 is a bucket list race for me so im pumped that im registered and in. it has been my hardrock backup plan for years and their is a big group of texans going up there so it should be a good time.

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