2013 H.U.R.T. 100

2013 H.U.R.T. 100

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cross Timbers Marathon Race Report


I didn't do a pre race report for this for two reasons.  One i dropped from the 50 mile to the Marathon two weeks before the race, and two i really didn't put any thought into any sort of time goal or any thought into the race period.

Winter months didn't go as well as last year.  The 6 weeks following CR100 i was injured, put on a ton of weight, ran h.u.r.t., recovered from it, and before i knew it, it was time for cross timbers.  i hadn't really done any type of long runs to get ready for it so i made a wise decision to drop down to the marathon.  the day before the race, i was checking the weather and it said it was supposed to rain all night and all day saturday.  So i decided to just get out there, run, and have a good time. 

the race started out on a little road section before we hit the single track.  a group of about 8 guys bursted out at about a 6 minute pace. i ran the road part at about a 7 min  pace knowing i would have to catch them on the trail.  once on the trail i realized that i should have worn my speedcross shoes instead of my normal shoes.  the climbs and descents were very slippery.  i didn't plan on walking at all the entire race, although a couple of the climbs were too steep and slippery to run so i had to walk them.  i was in my usual spot between the lead pack and everybody else the whole way out there. it was pretty uneventful until the turn around.  about a quarter mile in i came out of the trees and i don't know what i was thinking but i pulled a 180 and went right back in where i came from going the wrong way.  thankfully the first person i saw was jacob so i knew i had done something dumb.  it was a good mistake because it gave us the oppurtunity to run together which was much much more enjoyable.  we just bs'ed the whole time and laughed at how slippery it was.  neither one of us was out there taking it too serious or really going for time. we stuck together until about 3 miles left when i pulled away a little bit.  im not the fastest person on the flats or down hills so he would catch or pass me on those but i chose to run every climb.  i was a little disappointed we weren't gonna finish together but then i saw matt out there and chatted with him a little bit.  i came in at 4:03 and i actually felt better and better as the race went on.  i guess i had to get all the cupcakes out from the night before.  not sure why, but i will eat good all week but then screw it up the night before a race. 

the cross timbers race is pretty awesome in the way of pre / post race meals etc.  i hung out for about 3-4 hours after i was done and had some burgers and chatted with fellow runners.  not sure which race im doing next year, but more then likely my winter will be one of two ways. either hurt and then cross timbers 50 mile or marathon again, or the tejas 300 if i don't get into hurt.  with that, rocky is two weeks before cross timbers so i may just go up there for the half marathon and to hang out.

thats about it as far as a race report goes.  the results aren't up yet so i don't even know what place i got.  i had a small goal of sub 4 but i really didn't even look at my watch the entire race.  im sure if i would have focused on a sub 4 that i could have shaved 3 minutes off but it is what it is. 


  1. Nice race report, thanks for sharing ! Congratulations to all the participants for a great job well done and looking forward always for more updates.

  2. Brian, helluva run out there in the worst conditions I have ever seen out there. Your time on wet mud is same as my best on dry ground! Amazing effort.
    Also, special thanks for calling our attention to this wonderful quote by Gordy, below. I just saw Unbreakable for the 1st time, and indeed that quote is worth thinking about. Sometimes, we just get one shot. Life is fragile, enjoy it.

  3. That is one of my favorite quotes that goes through my head quite often. There are a lot of oppurtunities that we must recognize and take advantage of because you're right, that may be your only shot at something. Thanks again for letting me camp on your site. such a fun weekend like always hanging out with yall.