2013 H.U.R.T. 100

2013 H.U.R.T. 100

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Expectations

Each year I sort of have goals or expectations of the coming year...

Lets rewind to 2008.  This is the year that I decided that i enjoy running and to try and get faster at the marathon and qualify for Boston.  I went from being a one per year recreational marathoner to making it more of a lifestyle.

2009  - i got faster in 2008 but failed to qualify.  2009 i discovered ultras, but also qualified for Boston in December.  that year i did two marathons and two 50k's.

2010 - discovered the trail. did my first true trail run in January (Bandera 50k).  It whipped my ass but I found that I truly loved it.  Did my first 50 miler a couple months later at Hells Hills.  Immediately after decided to go for my first 100 in October at Cactus rose.  So 2010 was what i consider a year of discovering new distances because virtually every race i did was a new distance.

2011 - taking trail running a bit more competitively.  Bandera 100k was my first ultra to "race". by that i mean make up a pace chart and have time goals instead of just going out relaxed and looking for a finish.  the next month i signed up for crosstimbers 50 miler.  I went into that looking for the win.  I jumped out in front and was able to hold it the entire race.  In may and june i did arguably the two toughest 50 milers on the planet and also my introduction to mountain racing.  they were the jemez 50 and the san juan solstice 50. I fared ok at both in the top 20 and up front of the "flat landers". my main focus was cactus rose and i did a 60k tune up race for it. i didn't taper at all for it as it was my final run to a 100 mile week. i placed 2nd and nailed it as far as pacing, nutrition, etc.  cactus was my final race but i won't go into any detail about that because you can just read my RR from a couple post ago.  all in all im satisfied with my year and believe i've come a long way in the short time i've been in this sport.

so what does this mean for 2012?

well i've somewhat already got my race schedule laid out. 
Jan 14th - H.U.R.T. 100- goal is to finish it (all i can ask for with that race)
feb 18th - Cross Timbers 50m - goal is to win and go sub 8 (only if i have a very quick recovery after hurt)
feb 25th - Cowtown 50k - sub 3:45 (7:15 pace)
april 7th - Hells Hills 50m - sub 7:30
april 21st - Zane Grey - sub 10? idk
summber captn' karls series is up in the air but goal is top 3 in each one that i do
cactus rose - 19:25 / course record / win...yes i said it. i guess its no secret anymore

Those are my goals as far as numbers.  But overall i want to enjoy training and enjoy life at the same time.  I would like to be healthier. by that i mean not binge eating as much and be more reasonable.  I'm glad nobody knows how bad i truley eat sometimes. Also i would like to have a good year as far as work and be looking for a house by the end of the year.

My main goal for 2012 is to enjoy life in general.  By that i mean find that balance between friends, family, running, and beer.  i love all four of them and will not give up any of those.  thats why i'll have friends and family come to my races then drink beer afterwards! covers all four right?

i think people get caught in a cycle of their everyday life and forget to step back and really think about what they enjoy most.  I also believe that everybody wants what they can't have.  the only time you enjoy something is when you get small doses of it and you appreciate it when it happens.  too much of anything is bad.  i have some pretty long days at work sometimes, but thats when i look forward to relaxing with my family or hitting the trails for a relaxing run and letting my mind be engulfed in what im doing.  when you have too much time off from work you don't appreciate it. 

so hopefully i'll be writing my 2013 goals in my new home and enjoying all important aspects of life equally.  2012 will be the year to make things happen...and they won't happen on their own!

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  1. Awesome post. Keep them coming. Can't wait for the H.U.R.T. race report