2013 H.U.R.T. 100

2013 H.U.R.T. 100

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taper Time!

This is a time that i look forward to, but at the same time can't stand.  I look forward to it during my high milage training because it is a break.  During my high milage weeks (about 8 weeks in a row of 70-110 miles per week) i struggled with energy levels throughout the day.  I would have times when i just felt really worn out, but my runs never suffered bad enough to back off.

Their are several things i hate about the taper though. First with lower milage I can't eat as much and i'm hungry all the freakin time.  Its a real struggle to not eat so damn much.  I know if i overeat, i can't do a long run and burn it off, and I know its stuck on me for the race.  Also, when i get home from work, if i don't have a run or something to do i get bored easily.  I don't watch tv period.  when you've got extra time, thats when the anxiety of the race really sets in.  I've only been tapering for a couple days but feel like im ready to go!  These next ten days better hurry!

Game plan for Cactus-
I believe that few people "carb load" correctly.  maybe their ways work for them but not for me.  I believe in eating a moderately larger meal Thursday evening and Friday for lunch.  Friday for dinner I believe in eating a carb dense meal but not too much of it.  I like going to bed a tad hungry.  I do this for two main reasons.  One it allows your body to pass more of it and have a good dump before the start, and hopefully none or minimal dumps during the event.  And second if i start the race just a bit hungry (not empty by any means) it makes me crave those gus that most people dread.  That way i look forward to eating during the race and it minimizes my chances of getting nausous.

The Salomon XT Wings S Lab 4's with the regular XT Wings behind
 I plan on wearing these bad boys the whole time (the salomon XT Wing S Lab 4's).  Its the racing version of the xt wings behind them (retail $170).  They are 11oz compared to 14oz and have a seamless inside to minimize blisters.  Killian Jornet wears them so you know they're good!  i've always worn the xt wings and think they're perfect for trails like bandera.  Gary, my pacer, works at a shoe store and gave them to me.  I was beyond pumped!

liquid calories during the race - hand helds with one water and one clip2.  Clip2 is a succeed product designed for races like the 100 miler.  it has a bit of protien / amino acids and tryglycerides.  its still mainly carbs of course though.  another thing i like about it is that out of the 35g of carbs only 2g are from simple sugars.  During a 100 i try to avoid sugar highs especially early on.  toward the end i will have some red bull or mountain dew at the aids to mix it up and give me some instant sugar.

food calories - the first 50 im sticking to mainly gu's about every 2.5 miles.  Depending on feel, i'll have some gu chomps, powerbar gel blast, or shot blocks at the aids with a gu in middle of the section.  I plan on pretty much all of my calories coming from gels or that type of stuff.  If my stomach starts craving something else i'll have a couple different back ups like snickers or pringles, but hopefully won't tough that.

salt - i will attach a bag to my shorts with 19 S! caps in it.  i plan on taking on right before each aid station and see how that goes.  i may pop a couple extras in the heat of the day if its a hot one.

crew- This is what im doing differently this year.  My brother is going down with me.  He's always been supportive of my running and im very glad to have him down there.  Not only to crew, but to make the weekend fun.  I'm having him have my spare set of handhelds ready and a box of food open for when i come through an aid.  my goal is average less then 20 seconds at each aid station throughout the race.  i'm puting drop bags out but just for my peace of mind, and i hope to never have to tough them.  at least the first 50, some aids i just plan on grabbing the new handhelds on the go and never breaking stride.  i've got my goal splits on paper and he's going to let me know where i stand at each aid station.

This is my first 100 to race.  Its only my 2nd ever but my first i went out for completion and took my time.  You take big gambles when trying to race a 100.  I believe in a 50 if you go out a little too fast you can still finish without too much suffering.  But in a 100 if you go out too fast you can really crash and burn and either quit (which i won't do) or have a miserable night out there.  I once heard "those who don't take a chance, don't get a chance"  That goes through my head during every race and while im making my goals before a race.  If I don't go into the race looking for a fast time then a good time won't happen.  Thats the gamble im taking this time.  Racing 100's requires a lot of experience so i know i'll learn a lot during this one.  Hopefully i can use that knowledge at hurt 100 in january.

pacers- right now i've got gary and matt.  gary is doing loop 3 with me and my main goal is to BS and keep my mind off of things.  Matt is doing loop 4 with me.  He has one of the longest ultra resumes out there and has paced in nearly every race you can think of, including some tough courses and top runners.  He is pretty much the only person i've ever trained with (99% of the time i train solo, and hard).  He has a ton of 100 knowledge and i know he can push me that final loop and make sure my splits happen.

In two weeks i'll have my race report up with my usual "pre race report" on my expectations / goals for the race.  I like doing that because i'm not afraid of failure, and to be honest, most races i don't meet my goals.  I don't mind posting my goals and im not worried about looking dumb if i miss it by a long shot.


  1. Can't wait to see the result Brian. Good luck and enjoy every step ;)

  2. Thanks...Can't promise i'll "enjoy" every step though